Background Notes/Issue Briefs/Commentaries received under MoA

1. Artificial Intelligence in Warfare
2. Budget 2022-23
3. Capital Spending to Rejuvenate Indian Economy in Post Pandemic
4. China’s Growing Security Presence in the IOR and its implications for India
5. China's Interest and Influence in South Asia
6. Cryptocurrencies Implications on the Indian economy and the concept of emerging legal digital currencies
6. China-Pakistan Collusion-1
7. Analysis of Defence Budget 2022-23
8. E-vehicles-Issues Promises and Challenges
8. Document
9. Emerging World Order-An Indian Persepctive
10. Europe in India’s Geo-Strategic calculus
11. Financial Sector Reform in the Time of Pandemic
12. Food Fortification in India
13. Houthis Hamas and Hezbollah - Non-State Actors Building Alternative Governments
14. Impact of Inflation on Micro enterprises - Indian Perspective
15. Impact of Russia-Ukraine war on Indian Economy
16. Implementation of Monetary Policy by Scheduled Commercial Banks in the light of changing Repo Rate
17. India in the United Nations Security Council
18. India-Gulf Energy Cooperation
19. Indian Agriculture in Technical Age
20. Innovative strategies for achieving the sustainable development goals while addressing debt problems of the states
21. India’s Arctic Policy-Building a Partnership for Sustainable Development
22. India`s Exports Juggernaut-An outlier or can India continue it
23. India’s Neighbourhood First Policy
24. India’s North East-Distinctly Unique-A showcase of the GI Products
25. In the Security Situation in Northern India
26. India and the SCO - Calibrating a new Approach
27. India Central Asia Relations
28. India-China Boundary Issues - A Primer
29. Japan - A Key Strategic Partner for India
30. NPAs in ndia
31. Pakistan-occupied Kashmir-Ascendance in National Consciousness
32. Integration of the Armed forces-Background and Current Status
33. Intelligent Farms-Opportunities Obstacles and Ideas for Smart Agriculture in India
34. Iranian Nuclear Issue
35. Colombo Security Conclave - A Sub-Regional Maritime Security Cooperation Initiative in the Indian Ocean Region
36. Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Potentials Challenges and Way Ahead
37. Modernisation of Indian Armed Forces and Capital Outlay in Defence Budget
38. Note on Disinvestment Strategic Sale and Privatisation in the light of Air India Sale
39. Post Covid Recovery and Demographic Dividend
40. Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme
41. Safety and Security of Nuclear Energy Installations - Global Practices and the Ukrainian case
42. Swing State to Neo Authoritarianism - Temporal Changes in Indian Diplomacy
43. Strategic Implications of the Quad and the Indo-Pacific
44. Strategic Relevance of Cambodia in the Changing Dynamics of the Indo-Pacific
45. Surface water use and Sustainability
46. The Curious Case of Bangladesh-IMF data, Bangladesh’s Performance, and What India can learn from it
47. The Maritime Silk Road Initiative and Implications for India
48. The Defence Indigenization Challenge
49. Trend and Pattern of Expenditure on Education and Health
51. Turkey and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
52. Terrorist Groups (Al Qaeda and ISIS) And Counter Terrorism
53. US - Russia Nuclear Arms Control
54. Virtual Water Trade in India

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