Acts and Bills Section


         The Acts and Bills Section preserves and maintains the record of all the Central Government and State Governments Acts and Ordinances, Government and Private Members' Bills, Central and State Government Rules, Joint Select Committee Reports, Constitution of India, Government of India (Allocation of Business Rules) 1961, Foreign Acts [as and when received]: Australia (1910-2005), Canada (1928-1979), United Kingdom (1947-2009) and United States of America (1925-2008), etc. In addition, the Section also carries out corrections in Central Acts, Constitution of India and Allocation of Business Rules, as amended from time to time, so as to keep them up-to-date and handy for reference purpose. The copies of the Reports of the Joint/Select Committee (constituted from time to time to review bills) as presented to the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha available since 1921 are also maintained. The volumes of India Code published by the Ministry of law and Justice are also maintained by the Section.

         The copies of all the Central Acts since 1836 are preserved. The updated copies of Central Acts and Ordinances promulgated by the President of India, received from the Ministry of Law and Justice are also maintained. The Copies of the State Governments' Acts and Ordinances are also preserved. The Rules, Regulations and Notifications of the Government of India Laid on the table of House under the Central Acts are collected from the Table Office of the Secretariat and arranged in chronological order to facilitate their prompt and timely supply according to Act number/year wise in Black Card Folders.