Micrographic/Microfilming is an established method for preservation of rare and deteriorating documents.  Scientific estimate indicates that the normal life expectancy of the microfilm, with careful handling and storage, is 500 years (approx.) as compared to short life span of digital media.  Microfilming is a legally accepted substitute for the original. In addition, it is protected against viruses or worms and cannot be manipulated by the hackers.  It also has advantage over digital media in terms of capture cost, media life, technological obsolescence and image quality.

For better preservation and future use of the valuable documents/collections of Parliament and its Library viz., Parliamentary Debates, Papers Laid on the Table, Acts and Bills, Committee Reports, Private Papers, Rare Books and Documents, Newspapers (bound volumes), Press Clippings, Documents of Parliamentary Archives and other documents as decided from time to time by the Secretariat, the Microfilming Unit was set up in 1987 as an integral part of LARRDIS, Lok Sabha Secretariat. The latest available state of art microfilming equipments and ancillaries were acquired for smooth functioning of the Unit. The Unit is housed in the Parliament Library Building. All documents were microfilmed on 16mm rolls, except those of larger size like Papers Laid on the Table of the House, which were microfilmed on 35mm film rolls.

The Unit has 1673 microfilm rolls having 33,06,526 exposures of the following documents:


Central Legislative Debates/Proceeding, etc.


1.      Indian Legislative Council Debates               :         02.01.1858 to 16.9.1920


2.       Central Legislative Assembly Debates          :         3.2.1921 to 12.4.1947


3.       Council of States Debates                              :        3.2.1921 to 19.5.1954


4.       Constituent Assembly Debates (Legislative)     :        17.11.1947 to 24.12.1949


5.       Constituent Assembly Debates                   :         9.12.1946 to 24.1.1950

[(Draft making) (Hindi)]



6.       Constituent Assembly Debates                     :         9.12.1946 to 24.1.1950

[(Draft making) (English)]


7.       Parliamentary Debates (Provisional              :         28.1.1950 to 13.5.1954

          Parliament and House of the People)  


8.       Lok Sabha Debates (Original Version)          :        14.05.1954 to 27.08.1984


9.       Lok Sabha Debates (Hindi)                          :        15.01.1985 to 26.02.2009

          (Translated Version)


10.     Lok Sabha Debates (English)                       :        15.01.1985 to 04.08.2009

          (Translated Version)


11.     Rajya Sabha Debates (Hindi)                        :        15.2.1956 to 2.6.1995

(Translated Version)


12.     Rajya Sabha Debates (Original Version)       :         23.8.1954 to 25.3.2011  


13.     Indices of Debates         :


(a)         Lok Sabha   :       


(i)       1952 to 1955

(ii)      1956 to 1958 (11.08.1958 to 27.09.1958 A to R)

(iii)    1959 to 1961

(iv)    06.08.1962 to 07.09.1962

(v)     08.11.1962 to 18.06.1966

(vi)    25.07.1966 to 30.08.1968, 11.11.1968 to 20.12.1968 (Part-I)

(vii)   11.11.1968 to 20.12.1968 (Part-II), 17.02.1969 to 04.09.1970, 09.11.1970 to 18.12.1970 (Part-I), 09.11.1970 to 18.12.1970 (Part-II)

(viii) 19.03.1971 to 16.05.1973, 23.07.1973 to 06.02.1976, 08.03.1976 to 23.12.1978

(ix)    19.02.1979 to 18.05.1979 (Part-IA to T), 19.02.1979 to 18.05.1979 (Part-I: T to 24.12.1981)

(x)     18.02.1982 to 27.08.1984

(xi)    15.01.1985 to 12.05.1987

(b)         Rajya Sabha & Council of States Debates: (Indexes)


(i)       1921 to 14.09. 1957

(ii)      8.11.1957 to 11.04.1967

(iii)    22.05.1967 to 23.12.1972

(iv)    1973 to 31.08.1978 (Part-I Subject Index)

(v)     17.07.1978 to 31.08.1978 (Name Index)

(vi)    20.11.1978 to 25.03.1983


14.     Parliamentary Committees:


(i)      Committee on Public Accounts     :        1st Lok Sabha to 10th Lok Sabha        

(Upto 31st Report)


(ii)      Committee on Estimates             :         1st Lok Sabha to 10th Lok Sabha

(Upto 18th Report)


(iii)     Public Undertakings Committee1 :         3rd Lok Sabha to 10th Lok Sabha

                                                                             (Upto 32nd Report)


(iv)     Committee on the Welfare of      :         4th Lok Sabha to 10th Lok Sabha

SCs and STs2                                              (Upto 37th Report)


(v)     Committee on Subordinate          :         1st Lok Sabha to 8th Lok Sabha

Legislation                                                  (Upto 21st Report)           


(vi)     Committee on Government         :         1st Lok Sabha to 8th Lok Sabha

Assurance                                                  (Upto 12th Report)


(vii)    Committee on Petitions              :         1st Lok Sabha to 10th Lok Sabha

(Upto 17th Report)


(viii)   Railway Convention Committee :         1943 to 14th Lok Sabha

                                                                             (Upto 3rd Report)  


(ix)     Joint Committee on Salaries  :           1954 to 1989

          and Allowances of MPs


(x)     Committee on Papers Laid    :            5th Lok Sabha to 10th Lok Sabha

on the Table3                                               (Upto 12th Report)


(xi)     Committee on Empowerment :          12th Lok Sabha to 14th Lok Sabha

of Women4                                                   (Upto 3rd  Report)                     


15.     Reports of Departmentally Related Standing Committees:


(i)      Committee on Petroleum &    :            10th Lok Sabha to 12th Lok Sabha

Chemicals5                                                   (Upto 8th Report)


(ii)      Committee on Defence6       :            10th Lok Sabha to 14th Lok Sabha

                                                                   (Upto 4th Report)


(iii)     Committee on External Affairs7:          10th Lok Sabha to 14th Lok Sabha

(English)                                                      (Upto 23rd report)


(iv)     Committee on External Affairs  :          10th Lok Sabha to 14th Lok Sabha

(Hindi)                                                         (Upto 23rd report)


(v)     Committee on Food Civil Supplies :       10th Lok Sabha to 14th Lok Sabha

and Public Distribution8                                 (Upto 8th report)


(vi)     Committee on Agriculture9           :       10th Lok Sabha to 14th Lok Sabha

(English)                                                      (Upto 30th report)


(vii)    Committee on Agriculture             :      10th Lok Sabha to 14th Lok Sabha

(Hindi)                                                         (Upto 30th report)


(viii)   Committee on Water Resources10 :     14th Lok Sabha  (Upto 5th report) 


16.     Constitution of India (Calligraphic copy of the original)     

          (English and Hindi)


17.     Presiding Officers Conference     :      1921 to 20.3.2005

          (Agenda, Proceedings, Resolutions,   



18.     Papers Laid on the Table             :      1980-1986 (LT No.1/80 to 2308/86)

of the House (Lok Sabha)                                      


19.     O&M’s Records :


          (i)      Instructional Orders                  :         No. 2 to 1193

          (ii)      Annual Administrative               :         1960 to 2002



20.     Library Records:


(a)     Accession Register (purchase   :         Upto Acc. No. 1,45,230

of books) of Acquisition Section,        




(b)     Accession Register (Copyright) :         Upto Acc. No. 52,080

of Acquisition Section, LARRDIS


(c)     Bills :


(i)      Official Bills introduced in                     :         1921 to 1952

          Central Legislative Assembly


(ii)      Government Bills introduced                :         1953 to 1992

           in House of People/Lok Sabha


(iii)     Government Bills introduced                :         1953 to 1993

           in Council of  States/Rajya Sabha



21.     Rare Books11                                    :         1272


22.     Decisions from the Chair                    :         1921 to March 1996


23.     Observations from the Chair                :         1950 to March 1996


24.     Directions by the Speaker                   :         1st to 4th Edition


25.     Historical Documents :


          (i)      Indian Round Table Conference Proceedings; (1930-1932)

          (ii)      Constituent Assembly of India; Constitutional Precedents 1947

          (iii)     Indian Statutory Commission: Memoranda (1930)

          (iv)     Sardar Patel’s Correspondence (1945 – 1950) (Vols.  I to X)

          (v)     Indian Historical Records Commission-Proceedings (1920-1960)

          (vi)     Partition Proceedings – Expert Committee No. I  (1947-1949)    (2 Vols)

          (vii)    Indian Record Series-Fort William-India House

                   Correspondence : Vols.  II to IV and other contemporary papers and Vols. VI to XXI


26.     Publications etc.:

          (i)      Journal of Parliamentary            :         April 1955 to December 2007


(ii)      Parliament of India          :         1st to 10th Lok Sabha


(iii)     Who’s Who, Lok Sabha             :         1967-1999


(iv)     Who’s Who, Lok Sabha             :         1950-1999


(v)     Who’s Who, Rajya Sabha          :         1970, 1972 & 1974


(vi)     Who’s Who, Rajya Sabha          :         1952-2000


(vii)    Rajya Sabha Members’              :         1952-1990

Biographical Sketches

(viii)   Reports of Indian                       :         1950-1998

Parliamentary Group


27.     Parliamentary Museum & Archives Collections:

(i)      Private Papers of G.V. Mavalankar                         :         200 pages


(ii)      Private Papers of Prof. N.G. Ranga                        :         4919 pages


(iii)     Private Papers of Shri Jwala Prasad Jyotishi :         742 pages




                1                      Public Undertakings Committee was initially constituted on 1 May 1964 in 3rd Lok Sabha

2                              Committee on Welfare of SCs and STs was initially constituted in November 1968 in 4th Lok Sabha.

3                              Committee on Papers Laid on the Table was initially constituted on 1 June 1975 in 5th Lok Sabha.

                4                              Committee on empowerment of Women was initially constituted on 29 April 1997 in 11th Lok Sabha.

                5,6,7,8,9                Committee on Petroleum & Chemicals; Defence; External Affairs; Food Civil Supplies & Public Distribution

                                                and Agriculture were initially constituted on 8 April 1993 in 10th Lok Sabha.

              10                           Committee on Water Resources was initially constituted on 5th August 2007 in 14th Lok Sabha.

              11                           All the books identified as rare books by the Parliament Library have been microfilmed.