The Press and Public Relations Wing was set up in April 1956 to cater to the needs of the Press and to provide all possible facilities to enable them to cover the day-to-day proceedings of Lok Sabha and to liaise with the correspondents covering Parliament and various Government publicity organizations and communication media for the proper publicity of parliamentary and other activities of Lok Sabha.


          The functions of the Press and Public Relations Wing are:


       (i).       All work connected with the Press Gallery involving issue of Press Gallery passes for Session periods, admission of Newspapers/News agencies/Electronic media to Press Gallery, processing requests for Central Hall facilities and grant of Press Gallery passes under the category of "Long & Distinguished Service".


      (ii).     Liaison with Government publicity organizations and communication media, Press correspondents, newspapers and other bodies.


    (iii).    Publicity of Parliament's activities through Press Releases/communiqués. Photo/TV coverage of various functions organized and held in Parliament House/Parliament House Annexe/Parliament Library Building. Setting up of Media Centres in case of International Conferences, Seminars, Symposia etc.


     (iv).    Publication of pamphlets, folders, charts etc. on various parliamentary activities and their distribution to general public.


      (v).      Supply of information and publicity materials relating to the work of Parliament to the general public, institutions, research scholars and others.


     (vi).    Display of tele-printer news for members of Parliament in Parliament precincts.


   (vii).   Maintenance of a Library for the Press.


  (viii).  Grant of permission to the Ministries/Departments, etc. for holding exhibitions in the precincts of Parliament in their specified field of activities for members of Parliament.


     (ix).    Grant of permission for taking film shots of Parliament House/Parliament House Annexe/ Parliament Library Building.


      (x).      Lok Sabha Calendars.


     (xi).    Lok Sabha Research Fellowships.


   (xii).   Nodal agency for publication of advertisements on behalf of Lok Sabha Secretariat.


  (xiii).  Social Media platforms of Lok Sabha Secretariat.



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