The Documentation Service of Parliament Library, which was set up in 1975, is primarily responsible for indexing of articles published in periodicals/journals received in the Parliament Library that may be of interest to the Members of Parliament. The indexed entries of selected articles contain bibliographical details such as name of the author, title, name, date and year of publication, suitable annotation and subject headings as per the specially devised scheme of classification. The indexed entries of articles for a fortnight are fed into the LIBSYS software and published in the form of a publication. The bibliographic details of selected articles were earlier published with the title 'Documentation fortnightly' (January 1975 to December 1988). However, from January 1989 onwards, it is being published entitled 'Parliamentary Documentation'.

From August 2008, the Service also brings out a publication in Hindi titled 'Sansadiya Pralekhan' so as to cater to the information needs of all users who intend to take bibliographic details of articles appearing in Hindi periodicals/journals being received in the Parliament Library.

To improve the Documentation Service, an upgraded version of LIBSYS 7 software has been installed in February 2016 having facility to link the text of each article with its bibliographical details through Title Link. In this process, the text of each article is being scanned, the PDF file of the same is prepared and linked with the bibliographical details both in English and Hindi. The same can also be accessed and retrieved  just by clicking the Title from January 2017 onwards through the Parliament Library Homepage  within the premises of Parliament House Complex.

The electronic versions of 'Parliamentary Documentation' and 'Sansadiya Pralekhan'  are being sent to Members of Parliament and officers of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya  Sabha Secretariats at their email addresses.  The Publications are also made available at web addresses: → for 'Parliamentary Documentation' (In English)  and → for 'Sansadiya Pralekhan' (In Hindi). The Indexed articles may be searched online from various parameters such as name of the author, title of the article, name and year of the publication, subject of the articles etc. through "Catalogue Search" on Parliament Library Homepage. Important articles on current topics both in English and Hindi are also being uploaded weekly on the same websites for reference purpose.

 Though the 'Parliamentary Documentation' and the 'Sansadiya Pralekhan' are available on Parliament Library Homepage, a few computer generated copies of the publications are taken out and kept in the Parliament Library for consultation of Members of Parliament and  Officers of both the Secretariats. Bound volumes of 'Documentation Fortnightly' (1975-1988), 'Parliamentary Documentation' (1989 Onwards) and the 'Sansadiya Pralekhan' (August 2008 onwards) are also available for reference purpose.