The Research and Information Service is categorized into the following self-contained specialized functional Wings or Sections identified by the subjects handled by each:

·       Economic and Financial Affairs Wing

·       Educational and Scientific Affairs Wing

·       Legal and Constitutional Affairs Wing

·       Parliamentary Affairs Wing

·       Political Affairs Wing

·       Social Affairs Wing

·       JPI Section

·       Practice and Procedure Unit

·       Who's Who Cell


       The functions of the Research Division are broadly to assess in advance the information requirements of members by anticipating and identifying subjects of current parliamentary interest, including legislative measures on which Parliament is likely to undertake discussions and which are likely to generate demands from members for detailed information and data.

Every effort is made to keep members of Parliament informed of the current developments, both national and international, in various fields by bringing out brochures, information bulletins, background notes, fact sheets, etc. which carry objective information. Handy pamphlets are also prepared and circulated for the use of members.  All these publications are based on authentic published sources and continuous efforts are made to keep these up-to-date.


The Research Division brings out a large number of important publications, monographs, booklets, brochures, etc., from time to time, delineating the various aspects of parliamentary functioning and also on parliamentary practices and procedures.  The renowned treatise, Kaul and Shakdher's Practice and Procedure of Parliament is periodically revised and updated by the Research Service.  With a view to reviving the memory of eminent parliamentarians who played a   pivotal role in the country's freedom struggle and contributed substantially towards the development of parliamentary system, several monographs have been brought out under the Eminent Parliamentarians Monograph Series/Commemorative Volumes.

 The Research and Information division brings out publications containing the profiles and select photographs of eminent parliamentarians and public leaders whose statues and portraits are unveiled in the Parliament Complex from time to time. Brief profiles of national leaders including   former Speakers of Lok Sabha are also brought out by the Division for distribution among dignitaries at the floral tributes functions in the Central Hall of Parliament.

The Research Division also prepares speeches, briefs, resolutions on diverse issues for use of the Hon’ble Speaker and the members of Indian Parliamentary Delegation when they attend Conferences/Seminars organized by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU), the Conference of the Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth, or other international Conferences. 

The Service also prepares Briefs, Country Notes, Fact Sheets and Background Notes for Indian Parliamentary Delegations going to other countries on goodwill visits or for participating in national and international   Parliamentary Conferences/Seminars/Workshops.


 Daily Bulletins are issued  by the Research and Information Division during various Conferences organized by the Parliament of India with a view to keep the delegates and participants of the Conference informed and updated of the various Conference-related news, proceedings, daily schedule of the event. Reports on important Conferences carrying select proceedings and highlights of such conferences are also brought about by the Research and Information Division.  

The Research Service also prepares  Secretary General’s D.O. letter to the State Legislatures after the conclusion of each Session of the Lok Sabha. The letter contains all the significant events and important developments taking place in the Lok Sabha from time to time, particularly during the Session.

The Research Division brings out publications entitled Members of Lok Sabha: A Brief introduction and Who’s Who containing biographical information about the members of Lok Sabha when a new Lok Sabha is constituted after general elections. The Division also brings out Profiles Handbook during the Conferences and Seminars held in India for the use of delegates.  The Division maintains and updates [in coordination with Computer (Software) Unit/NIC] the Members Homepage on the website

The Research and Information Division publishes the following journals for the use of members:

The Journal of Parliamentary Information (Quarterly):  This Journal serves as an authentic recorder of developments in practice and procedure and parliamentary events and activities in Indian and foreign Legislatures. It also carries practice and problem oriented articles on constitutional and parliamentary subjects from members of Parliament and other experts in the field.

IPG Newsletter (Quarterly):  This Newsletter keeps members of the Indian Parliamentary Group (IPG) informed of the various events and activities of the IPG like exchange of Parliamentary Delegations, IPU, CPA and Association of  SAARC Speakers and Parliamentarians Conferences, Seminars, Symposia, Meetings, etc.