Staff Library



    As the main Library of Parliament is primarily meant for the use of members of the two Houses, a separate Library for the benefit of the parliamentary staff was set up in the early sixties.  The Staff Library is administered by the Library Division and caters to the staff members of both the Secretariats, i.e. the Rajya Sabha Secretariat and the Lok Sabha Secretariat.  The officers and staff of the two Secretariats, on becoming members, are permitted to borrow books in accordance with the Library rules and conditions.

    The Staff Library helps in enhancing the reading habits of its members and, therefore, books are also added to the Library from time to time as per suggestions received from staff members.  The present holdings of the Staff Library are around  34515. It also receives 14 daily newspapers (7 English;      5 Hindi;  1 Punjabi; 1 Urdu) and 31 periodicals (17 English and 14 Hindi) regularly.

    Nearly 50-60 new books are added to the Staff  Library every month.  All Library acquisitions are processed and classified according to the 22nd edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDCS).

    In line with the ongoing process of computerization of various activities of the Lok Sabha Secretariat, the Staff Library has also automated its activities with the installation of a library software, Software for University Library (SOUL) for providing better and efficient services to its users.

    It is customary for the Staff Library to withdraw from the shelves old publications of which the latest editions are available and those having limited utility.  The books thus withdrawn are offered to the staff members free of cost.