(i) The objective of Children`s Corner shall be to inculcate reading habits among children and to enable them in sharing the wide and rare resources of Parliament Library and Parliament Museum and Archives. Particular emphasis shall be given to those Children of marginalized section of society who do not have access to good and resourceful library.


(ii) Children`s Corner shall function as Branch Library of the Parliament Library.

Working Hours

(iii) Children`s Corner shall remain open from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM on all working days.


(iv) Children in the age group of 8 to 17 are eligible to be a member of the Children`s Corner. Membership of the Children`s Corner may be extended to:

(a) Children/grand children of Members of Parliament and Ex-MPs who have obtained membership of Parliament Library;

(b) Children of the permanent employees of Lok Sabha Secretariat, Rajya Sabha Secretariat and Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs;

(c) Children of the Journalists accredited to the Press Gallery of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha;

(d) Children sponsored by the registered NGOs (authorized by the Director, Parliament Library);

(e) Children sponsored by recognized schools.

Membership Form

(v) Application for the membership is to be made in the prescribed form (available free of cost with Reception Office, PLB and can also be downloaded from website of Parliament of India at the address:

Visitors` Entry

(vi) (a) Entry of visitors to Children`s Corner shall be through Reception Office, PLB.

(b) Reception Office, PLB shall issue casual entry passes to Children for visiting Children`s Corner in consultation with concerned JD/Director of Parliament Library.

Accompanying Persons

(vii) Teachers, parents or other adults accompanying children may be allowed to visit the Children’s Corner as visitors, but they shall not stay longer than absolutely necessary, and the children will be left to themselves to make use of the library facilities. Accompanying persons shall use the Waiting-in-Lounge outside the Children`s Corner.

Consultation Of Library Documents

(viii) Children will be provided Library documents viz. books, reference books, magazines and newspapers for consultation in the Corner only.

(ix) Children will be issued e-literature viz. CDs/DVDs etc. for using in the Corner only which will be returned after the usage.